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Train to be fitter and stronger, anywhere, anytime

Executive Results, whose fitness training centre called The TOUGH Spot is in Brisbane West End, built its training philosophy around “being fitter and stronger, anywhere, anytime.”

Fitness Training Centre Brisbane

Fitness Training Centre Brisbane

Working out in a gym or simply working out using weights does not automatically mean that you will have great strength and endurance in real life activities that need these qualities.  To illustrate this point, let us say you went rock climbing for the first time on a whim and find yourself hanging on for dear life on a sheer cliff a few hundred meters above the ground.  You will discover, with a significant amount of surprise especially if you consider yourself physically fit, your treadmill and free weight work outs, using barbells and dumbbells (or even those high tech exercise machines), did not really prepare you that well for this activity.  Many people who frequent conventional gyms can relate to this.  The exercises they had been doing did not transfer well into real life.

At The Tough Spot, the work outs are sets of exercises that relate well to real life and transfer well into either a daily routine or a sudden impulse to take on an extreme activity.  They do this by targeting not just specific muscle groups but the chains of muscles, from the core to the extremities, that work together synergistically using a variety of novel, kettlebells (weights that resemble a kettle or a cannonball with a handle) and (would you believe) tyres to name a few, and not so novel equipment, like conventional gym weights and weight machines, in conditions mimicking real life.  Work outs are done not just indoors but in a variety of outdoor venues too with Personal Trainers who understand that exercise is not just about losing weight, building muscles, or staying healthy, but about enjoying yourself and feeling great from having stretched your limits.  Their services and classes are diverse, from one-on-ones to Boot Camp, so you can always pick one or several that will suit you and, more importantly, fit your schedule.

One thing is guaranteed.  You will not only exult in the results of your work outs in real life but also have a blast getting those results, at The Tough Spot ( or with any of the Personal Trainers of Executive Results (

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Personal Training Testimonial (Brisbane)

Always nice to see these types of feedback from our clients.


This morning I had my first training session with Brendon – I made it! Haha

No doubt I was stuffed afterwards and had a couple moments when I needed to stop but Brendon was excellent with support and knew how to get just one more outta me!

This is exactly what I needed. I am feeling parts of my body that I haven’t felt in a long time and I am really tired. Somehow I think I will sleep well tonight.

Thank you Anna for your support and I am keen to see what you put together nutrition wise. Brendan said that if I had any ideas that I should send them to you. I know my food diary wasn’t that great. I do have my good moments like lunch at work I get those steamfresh vegie bowls (they are new) and I put a can of tuna with it….  I do struggle with breakfast – need help there.

Thank you again – I know this is the beginning a wonderful relationship with both you and Brendan – even if it’s a little painful for me!

Today was above my expectations!