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Problems Running

I’d say that most problems with running are caused by improper technique, landing incorrectly and pushing off incorrectly, it takes quite a while to get the hang of running properly, thinking about how to land your next step, rolling it and pushing off front of the foot. Secondly, the movement of the arms, you can swing your arms so that your going against the natural movement of the body, this will hold you back and waste energy, with proper arms swimming technique you gain more speed, here is a good article on the arm action when running.

Of course you also need some good foot wear when running; I’d always sworn that I’d never wear Brooks shoes, mainly because they used to look so cheap. Well I’m now 36 and don’t really give a crap how I look as long as I’m comfortable, and guess what – I’m wearing Brooks shoes now! I can’t talk about their whole shoe collection but I know the ones I just bought are seriously good, they feel like they were made for me!

Here is a nice video on proper form for running, biomechanics of running, here is a video on how to choose a running shoe.