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Stress can make you Fat!

Fat in the abdominal area functions differently than fat elsewhere in the body as it contains a greater blood supply as well as more cellular receptors for cortisol (a stress hormone). Our cortisol levels rise and fall throughout the day, but when you are under chronic stress it stays elevated,  Cortisol isn’t metabolized well. With alot of stress and high levels of cortisol more fat is dumped in the abdominal area. Fat cells in this region are very sensitive to cortisol, and they tend to grow in size when they hook up with this hormone.


Co Q10 (150mg)

This is an amazing product, when you feel your just not getting  your best out of your workouts COQ10 will. Benefits; Endurance, stamina, COQ10 also helps assist with blood circulation, healthy cellular energy production and vigour.


For your body to function properly, you need to drink 2-3 litres of water daily. Did you know that you need to rehydrate before you even get thirsty. For the active person your body requires more fluids, you must replace what you have lost in sweat.

So drink up, that’s water of course:)

Training Tips

Did you know if you want to lose fat, you must sweat it out, Huffy, Puffy exercise.