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Great video for our gym, or not?

What do you reckon, great video for our gym or not? I think the video editing team did an outstanding job on this one. It really got me on the edge of my seat!! 🙂–AusFc

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Gas Masks Brisbane CBD

5 people will run with gas masks on through Brisbane City Sunday 23 Jan 9am
– Brunswick Str Mall
– Ann St
– Queen St
– Adelaide St
– Wharf St
– Ending at Warner Street

Personal Training Testimonial (Brisbane)

Always nice to see these types of feedback from our clients.


This morning I had my first training session with Brendon – I made it! Haha

No doubt I was stuffed afterwards and had a couple moments when I needed to stop but Brendon was excellent with support and knew how to get just one more outta me!

This is exactly what I needed. I am feeling parts of my body that I haven’t felt in a long time and I am really tired. Somehow I think I will sleep well tonight.

Thank you Anna for your support and I am keen to see what you put together nutrition wise. Brendan said that if I had any ideas that I should send them to you. I know my food diary wasn’t that great. I do have my good moments like lunch at work I get those steamfresh vegie bowls (they are new) and I put a can of tuna with it….  I do struggle with breakfast – need help there.

Thank you again – I know this is the beginning a wonderful relationship with both you and Brendan – even if it’s a little painful for me!

Today was above my expectations!


Merry Christmas and Happy new Year

See our holiday wishes to you.

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Caveman Training Poll

Fast Twitch vs Slow Twitch

Fast Twitch muscle fibres have lots of nerves going to them, can generate lots of force and are able to get alot bigger. Explosive movements such as plyometric training, short bursts sprints all require fast twitch muscle fibres.

Slow Twitch muscle fibres have small amount of nerves going to them, they don’t increase in size that much, and aren’t very strong, however great for Endurance training, such as marathon runners, cyclists and any type of training that requires you to go the long distance.

Why your muscles get stronger when exercising?

The nerves that cause them to contract develop a better motor pattern and recruit more muscle fibres in the right order. That means that they can generate more force. Also their actual structure alters, so that when they contract they can move more force.

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