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What is Corporate Fitness and Corporate Health?

  You might hear these two buzz words “Corporate Fitness” and “Corporate Health” a lot lately, but do you know what they really mean? What is Corporate Fitness exactly, and more importantly, what does it do for you?


Corporate Fitness means the service a health and fitness company provides to the staff of a corporate entity, and is usually group fitness like; boot camp, boxing, kickboxing, or any other type of exercise that is safe and acceptable for a corporate environment. All participants are from one and the same work place and sometimes corporate fitness describes one on one Personal Training. However, due to the savings when working in a group environment Group Fitness is much more popular.

Corporate Health usually includes Corporate Fitness plus other services that improve the general well-being and health of the staff, such as; health assessments, team building, nutritional advice and more, it is a program that approaches the health and well-being of the staff as a whole and not just the fitness part of it.

The benefits of implementing a corporate wellness program for a Corporate entity is plentiful, but some of the benefits are;

  • improved corporate image
  • financial benefits for the company
  • health benefits for the staff


To be more detailed, let’s take the financial benefits for a company, what are they? A corporate Health Program improves staff productivity because the staff is; more alert, staff works better together due to team building exercises, reduced absenteeism and sick leave, increased motivation, increased energy levels, reduction in smoking, just to name a few.


The benefits for the staff are just as great, if not greater, let’s name a few; reduced blood pressure, reduced cholesterol levels, reduced obesity, better posture, decreased stress levels, reduced coronary problems, and each and everyone of those on it’s own is worth implementing or participating in a Corporate Health Program as it could mean that you are around for much longer.


And last but not least, the biggest benefit of corporate fitness or health program is reduced staff turn over, staff turn over is a major cost to a company, it is estimated that costs approximately 40% of the first years salary of the employee.

Furthermore a report by the World Health Organisation has identified physical inactivity as “a global public health problem”. It affects the quality of life of not only individuals and their families but also results in a national loss of income and rapidly increasing costs for employers.

The World Economic Forum in 2008 noted that 60% of deaths worldwide in 2005 could be attributed to non-communicable diseases including:

  • heart disease
  • stroke
  • cancer
  • chronic respiratory diseases
  • diabetes

This figure was projected to increase to 77% by 2015. The report stated, “There is strong scientific evidence that healthy diet and adequate physical activity … play an important role in the prevention of these diseases. Furthermore … approximately 80% of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and 40% of cancers can be prevented…”

Most people spend a significant proportion of their time at work so it is an ideal place to promote increased physical fitness and it also provides an opportunity for employees to encourage each other to make positive lifestyle changes.

Now nearly nearing the year 2011 and with numbers still increasing it is time to act, not only to reap the financial benefits, but more for the health benefits and general improvement of life. It is time to act, contact a company in your area now, all you have to do is go to Google and type in “Corporate Health [plus the area you operate in]” for example “Corporate Health Brisbane” or “Corporate Fitness Brisbane” and hundreds of options should pop up for you. In recent years Boot Camps have become very popular with Corporate Fitness, to find a boot camp near you, just go to Google and type “Corporate Boot Camp Brisbane” replace Brisbane with your own location.

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Boot Camp Brisbane Is the Place to Be

Training with boot camps Brisbane encourages maximum results in minimum time which engages a series of training sessions designed to increase core strength and stability. Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain strength, to complete or win a sporting event or just incorporate fitness into your lifestyle, personalized training is offered.

Boot Camp Brisbane

Boot Camp Brisbane

In this boot camp, the emphasis has been more on cardio, while caveman aims to improve strength, dexterity and fitness through seemingly old-fashioned workouts which will motivate and transform your mind and body with high energy pumping workout system, to pump you up mentally and physically and have you sweating and shedding those unwanted pounds in no time.

Whether you’re a beginner or already one of the millions followers, personal trainer Brisbane have the best workout series for any level. If you want to win the war against fat, flab and ill health, join boot camps Brisbane fitness enthusiasts who have registered for fitness. It is designed for people who want the benefits of good health. Well, boot camps are not for those who need to suffer, no. It is for those who want to ramp up their fitness routine and those who find the gym and cardio just not cutting it any more.

One of the best ways to see results when trying to lose weight is by working to shed a pound a day. Look better quicker with help from a personal trainer in boot camp Brisbane. There are so many great ways to get rid of a flabby belly without having an operation it’s a wonder why some people take the easy way out. When it comes to choosing the right kind of weight loss program, it’s always best to know what your body can handle and how much to do right away. At boot camps Brisbane we cater for the young and the old, the fit and the unfit, our personal trainers genuinely care about you.

Boot Camp for Kids in Brisbane

Boot Camp for Kids! Executive Results has put together a unique fitness program that will be available at Aspley State School to participate in. The program is a weekly Kids Boot Camp of just 30 minutes that will teach kids team building and leadership skills, while doing so they also get a good “old school” workout that will help them lose weight quickly and also have fun.

 First session is on 11 February 8AM sharp (or penalties) at the school oval, the program is once a week on Thursday and runs for 5 weeks, cost of the program is $75.

Channel TEN logo

Channel TEN logo

Channel 10 Totally Wild has shown interest in this program and will be on the spot to film and participate in one of the Boot Camps sessions, which is totally awesome!

About the Boot Camp
Respect and discipline is regarded highly in the Boot Camp Program. The definition of “Discipline” is the willingness and compliance to requests, respect for parents or teachers and other authority figures, self reliance and teamwork; it does not refer to physical discipline, there will never be any cursing or physical contact between the instructor and kids. This program is intended for everyday kids, kids who need to get more active and/or lose a bit of weight, the program is not intended for unruly kids in any way.

 The program is run by Personal Trainers from Executive Results who all have kids themselves! The Personal Trainer will show up in their Army Camouflage pants, Army coloured shirt and cap which will impress every kid, so far all kids have been very positive and always think they are dealing with the Boot Camp Commando (TV Character) or Jillian Michaels when Anna Junghans takes the session 😉

The Boot Camp is strict, your kids might totally love it from day one, or they might hate it at first and start to love it later. If you think you don’t want to hear “I got penalties for talking back or showing no respect” then this Boot Camp is not for you and your kids. We just wanted to be clear on this point, and not pull any wool over anyone’s eyes 😉

Healthy Eating
The program also promotes healthy eating habits by donating a percentage back in the form of fruit and healthy snacks that are handed out for free during the lunch break.

The program is for year 3 till year 6. Places limited to 10 per class, reserve your spot now by calling Anna on 0417 093 806 or email

Boot Camp – Booty Camp

The bastardization of Boot Camp

These day’s everyone runs a Boot Camp just because it’s cool and allows the participants to say “Yeah, I do Boot Camp twice a week!”.

But what’s really happening is the bastardization of “Boot Camp”; let’s have a look at the definition of “Fitness Boot Camp”.

Fitness Boot Camps are designed to push people a little bit further than they would normally push themselves in the gym alone and are based on the military style of training.

In a Military Boot Camp Recruits are subjected to rigorous physical training, both to prepare for the demands of combat and to weed out the less able or insufficiently motivated. This also builds morale and provides a sense of accomplishment for the remaining recruits who have met the physical requirements.

We run Real Fitness Boot Camps and proof of that was recently confirmed again when we had someone join who was interested in a Boot Camp that pushes people and produces results, the person even enquired about our Caveman Training (which is even harder than our Boot Camps) but decided to settle for our Fitness Boot Camp where we don’t do push ups on our knees. 4 sessions later we got an email saying “Thanks, but no thanks” obviously we had to investigate what the reason was as we do everything in our power to keep recruits participating in the program when it gets a little tough.

After a little pushing we got the reason, and it was that this person was not really looking for results, and not at ease with being out of the comfort zone, she was more interested in a chat session with coffee breaks. She decided to join Booty Camp in South Bank. Nothing wrong with that choice, as she’ll come back when she requires real results, as for Booty Camp, I question why call it “Boot Camp” when you provide a woman’s only group fitness session, where there is no pushing, lot’s of chatting, no real challenges. I do understand that Booty Camp (Boot Camp) is just a marketing ploy, but that doesn’t stop me from whining about it 😉

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The Rise of Serious Fitness

These days just about anyone calls themselves a personal trainer, and to tell you the truth, with the low standards of certifications you can’t really blame the trainers. It looks like the industry is diluting its focus on requiring certificates/accreditations for just about everything that’s done these days, making more money on many things; Boot Camps, Boxing etc. etc. If the focus would be more on creating a good Trainer from the get go, a Trainer that knows how to correct form and technique, how to speak to their clients, a Trainer that’s able to get into the mind of the client and being able to lead groups. A good Trainer like that will also be good at Boot Camps, Boxing, Group Training, Personal Training etc.

I’d say 80% if not more of today’s trainers are nothing more than an excuse for a client to show up, talk to and move the chit chat muscles without breaking a sweat. Trainers are too scared to push their clients a little harder.

Before I go any further, a little about myself; I class myself as an entrepreneur/analyst and although I passed the Caveman Training Certification I’m not a Personal Trainer myself, and I don’t class myself as one, I do however run a successful health and fitness business for over 5 years, and see trainers and clients from a bird’s eye view, and the above is my opinion based on what I see when watching videos, assessing competitors, watching other trainers in the park, watching trainers in the gym when I work out non-stop.

For years as a business we’ve been choosing quality over money and training our clients harder than the average trainer would, we’ve chosen to refund people their money if they are not the right fit for the training group, we push people till they puke.

This year we’ve made the decision to go one step further and create the toughest training centre in Brisbane called The TOUGHSPOT, this gym will provide some of the hardest hardcore training methods you can find, and they will make you scream, grunt, sweat and puke! Although we will have some of the traditional equipment, the majority will be non traditional like; sledge hammers, tyres, slosh pipes, kegs, pull up rings, gas masks (ooh yes, just wait and see what we can do with that), ropes etc. etc.

I believe you can only create athletes if you push people further than they THINK they can go, keep them working non-stop and keep their bodies guessing as to what comes next or for how long! This is The Rise of Serious Training. Happy Training – Get Smashed!

PS. We’re looking for some more like minded trainers, they are hard to find!