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Fast Twitch vs Slow Twitch

Fast Twitch muscle fibres have lots of nerves going to them, can generate lots of force and are able to get alot bigger. Explosive movements such as plyometric training, short bursts sprints all require fast twitch muscle fibres.

Slow Twitch muscle fibres have small amount of nerves going to them, they don’t increase in size that much, and aren’t very strong, however great for Endurance training, such as marathon runners, cyclists and any type of training that requires you to go the long distance.


Why your muscles get stronger when exercising?

The nerves that cause them to contract develop a better motor pattern and recruit more muscle fibres in the right order. That means that they can generate more force. Also their actual structure alters, so that when they contract they can move more force.

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How Muscles Work

A muscle is made up of fibres that sit over the top of each other. Little hooks attach these fibres to each other. When a muscle contracts, the fibres pull in the hooks and the whole muscle shortens, which generates the force you need to lift or pull weight. Muscle fibres are divided into two types fast twitch and slow twitch.