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Problems Running

I’d say that most problems with running are caused by improper technique, landing incorrectly and pushing off incorrectly, it takes quite a while to get the hang of running properly, thinking about how to land your next step, rolling it and pushing off front of the foot. Secondly, the movement of the arms, you can swing your arms so that your going against the natural movement of the body, this will hold you back and waste energy, with proper arms swimming technique you gain more speed, here is a good article on the arm action when running.

Of course you also need some good foot wear when running; I’d always sworn that I’d never wear Brooks shoes, mainly because they used to look so cheap. Well I’m now 36 and don’t really give a crap how I look as long as I’m comfortable, and guess what – I’m wearing Brooks shoes now! I can’t talk about their whole shoe collection but I know the ones I just bought are seriously good, they feel like they were made for me!

Here is a nice video on proper form for running, biomechanics of running, here is a video on how to choose a running shoe.


Gas Mask Training

Executive Results willl be introducing Gas Mask Training into it’s microfitness program in 2010.

Gas mask training helps condition the lungs by creating pulmonary resistance, your diaphragm is strengthened, surface area and elasticity in the alveoli is increased.

Gas mask training will get your breathing under control and help with lung stamina, it can be used during running, cycling and other workouts.

The Rise of Serious Fitness

These days just about anyone calls themselves a personal trainer, and to tell you the truth, with the low standards of certifications you can’t really blame the trainers. It looks like the industry is diluting its focus on requiring certificates/accreditations for just about everything that’s done these days, making more money on many things; Boot Camps, Boxing etc. etc. If the focus would be more on creating a good Trainer from the get go, a Trainer that knows how to correct form and technique, how to speak to their clients, a Trainer that’s able to get into the mind of the client and being able to lead groups. A good Trainer like that will also be good at Boot Camps, Boxing, Group Training, Personal Training etc.

I’d say 80% if not more of today’s trainers are nothing more than an excuse for a client to show up, talk to and move the chit chat muscles without breaking a sweat. Trainers are too scared to push their clients a little harder.

Before I go any further, a little about myself; I class myself as an entrepreneur/analyst and although I passed the Caveman Training Certification I’m not a Personal Trainer myself, and I don’t class myself as one, I do however run a successful health and fitness business for over 5 years, and see trainers and clients from a bird’s eye view, and the above is my opinion based on what I see when watching videos, assessing competitors, watching other trainers in the park, watching trainers in the gym when I work out non-stop.

For years as a business we’ve been choosing quality over money and training our clients harder than the average trainer would, we’ve chosen to refund people their money if they are not the right fit for the training group, we push people till they puke.

This year we’ve made the decision to go one step further and create the toughest training centre in Brisbane called The TOUGHSPOT, this gym will provide some of the hardest hardcore training methods you can find, and they will make you scream, grunt, sweat and puke! Although we will have some of the traditional equipment, the majority will be non traditional like; sledge hammers, tyres, slosh pipes, kegs, pull up rings, gas masks (ooh yes, just wait and see what we can do with that), ropes etc. etc.

I believe you can only create athletes if you push people further than they THINK they can go, keep them working non-stop and keep their bodies guessing as to what comes next or for how long! This is The Rise of Serious Training. Happy Training – Get Smashed!

PS. We’re looking for some more like minded trainers, they are hard to find!

MMA, Martial Arts Brisbane

I’ve got a database with approx 200 martial arts business in Brisbane and the rest of Australia, I figured I’d make a nice Martial Arts directory out of it and publish it on the Internet soon.

Boxing, Kickboxing one on one technique sessions

I uploaded two Boxing, Kickboxing one on one technique sessions to YouTube. These sessions can be provided all over Brisbane.

Also, most health and fitness businesses advertise boxing, but what they fail to mention is that it is boxing for fitness, not the actual boxing for fighting, technique etc.

Personal Training Testimonial (Brisbane)

Always nice to see these types of feedback from our clients.


This morning I had my first training session with Brendon – I made it! Haha

No doubt I was stuffed afterwards and had a couple moments when I needed to stop but Brendon was excellent with support and knew how to get just one more outta me!

This is exactly what I needed. I am feeling parts of my body that I haven’t felt in a long time and I am really tired. Somehow I think I will sleep well tonight.

Thank you Anna for your support and I am keen to see what you put together nutrition wise. Brendan said that if I had any ideas that I should send them to you. I know my food diary wasn’t that great. I do have my good moments like lunch at work I get those steamfresh vegie bowls (they are new) and I put a can of tuna with it….  I do struggle with breakfast – need help there.

Thank you again – I know this is the beginning a wonderful relationship with both you and Brendan – even if it’s a little painful for me!

Today was above my expectations!


Brisbane’s Fittest – Challenge Video

We’ve uploaded our first video of the Brisbane’s Fittest Challenge to YouTube

The challenge is in early stages and still going through a bit of an identity crisis, should it be “Brisbane’s Fittest Challenge” or “Brisbane’s Fittest”?

The ranking was difficult to come up with as just having a ranking for a challenge was not enough, we discovered weather conditions play a big part in the results. You might also get people who don’t want to be challenged all the time, so we introduced the Scoreboard for the Best Times, I’m thinking of creating an overall scoreboard that is calculated on a formula taking into consideration the position on the Ranking Board and the Best Time board.

Any ideas or feedback is more than welcome.