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Bringing Back The Old Style Of Training Into The Mainstream

Executive Results a Brisbane based fitness business is bringing back the old style of training (grunting and moaning) into the mainstream. The good old sandbags will be pulled out of the closet, huge tractor tyres will finally become useful, the sledgehammer will no longer just be used for destruction work (breaking down doors for example), but also for construction, construction of muscles that is!

Executive Results has been in business since the year 2004 and has been one of the forerunners when it comes to seriously hardcore training in their Boot Camps. In 2009 the business created microfitness® and organised for Scott Ramsdell to fly over from the United States and provide a certification for trainers in Caveman Training. Since the certification some serious athletes have been created through hard work, sweating, commitment and sometimes letting out a bit of chunder.

2010 brings more exciting news, as we’re opening the doors to ‘The TOUGH Spot’ in Stafford Brisbane, a training centre where noise and hard work is expected. The equipment list includes things like; slosh pipes, tyres, ropes, sand bags, logs, barrels plus lots of other non- traditional equipment, and let’s not forget to mention Gas Masks, yes gas masks, apparently they seem to mimic some of the effects of high altitude training and help condition your lungs.

Some of the other exciting stuff we will experiment with is the use of ice baths or cold room, the cold is to assist with recovery of the muscles after a serious workout and help prevent Rhabdomyolysis. We are currently running a trial to see if a cold bath before exercise improves performance.

We have partnered with another successful business in Brisbane of which the owner is also a certified Caveman Training Instructor and has a similar style of hard training, besides the partnership, we’re also looking to rent space out to other trainers around Brisbane who have always been looking to rent space where they can be themselves, not hold back, push their clients to their maximum ability and make noise. Besides now running a training centre in Brisbane both businesses will dominate Brisbane with Boot Camp locations all over the place, for example; Eatons Hill, North Lakes, Bridgeman Downs, Stafford, Mitchelton, CBD, Clayfield and a few more to be added during the year.

In the middle of the year we’ve organised a 7 day seminar/workout/holiday in Phuket which is going to be the best seminar of 2010 with a unique format that allows the participants to learn, demonstrate and experience everything they are taught! Participants are taught new training techniques by the best in the business (Scott Ramsdell, Anna Junghans and an Old School Thai Trainer). The participants will also learn how to make equipment that can be used in workouts. The workouts will be tough and smash every participant involved, this seminar is not for the weak. There will also be some survivor style surprises that will keep everyone guessing.

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What is a Quitter?

Definition of a Quitter

As a health & fitness business and Caveman Training Trainers we do not like people quitting on us! Now, this might seem a bit hard and unfair, but let’s take a closer look at the definition of a Quitter;

A Quitter is someone who still has sufficient energy left to complete an exercise but CHOOSES not to complete it, because it’s too hard or gets them out of their comfort zone. A Quitter is someone who quits because they can’t physically perform the exercise at that moment, doesn’t take the time to recover, get back on their feet and give it another go!

What Is It Not!
A Quitter is not someone who stops and really can’t do anymore because they are injured or thinks they might get injured if they continue.

We are all about promoting a No Quitting attitude, as long as it’s within the safety zone and doesn’t put the client in any danger of getting injured.

If you’re into hardcore training then have a look at: or

Gas Mask Training

Executive Results willl be introducing Gas Mask Training into it’s microfitness program in 2010.

Gas mask training helps condition the lungs by creating pulmonary resistance, your diaphragm is strengthened, surface area and elasticity in the alveoli is increased.

Gas mask training will get your breathing under control and help with lung stamina, it can be used during running, cycling and other workouts.

The Rise of Serious Fitness

These days just about anyone calls themselves a personal trainer, and to tell you the truth, with the low standards of certifications you can’t really blame the trainers. It looks like the industry is diluting its focus on requiring certificates/accreditations for just about everything that’s done these days, making more money on many things; Boot Camps, Boxing etc. etc. If the focus would be more on creating a good Trainer from the get go, a Trainer that knows how to correct form and technique, how to speak to their clients, a Trainer that’s able to get into the mind of the client and being able to lead groups. A good Trainer like that will also be good at Boot Camps, Boxing, Group Training, Personal Training etc.

I’d say 80% if not more of today’s trainers are nothing more than an excuse for a client to show up, talk to and move the chit chat muscles without breaking a sweat. Trainers are too scared to push their clients a little harder.

Before I go any further, a little about myself; I class myself as an entrepreneur/analyst and although I passed the Caveman Training Certification I’m not a Personal Trainer myself, and I don’t class myself as one, I do however run a successful health and fitness business for over 5 years, and see trainers and clients from a bird’s eye view, and the above is my opinion based on what I see when watching videos, assessing competitors, watching other trainers in the park, watching trainers in the gym when I work out non-stop.

For years as a business we’ve been choosing quality over money and training our clients harder than the average trainer would, we’ve chosen to refund people their money if they are not the right fit for the training group, we push people till they puke.

This year we’ve made the decision to go one step further and create the toughest training centre in Brisbane called The TOUGHSPOT, this gym will provide some of the hardest hardcore training methods you can find, and they will make you scream, grunt, sweat and puke! Although we will have some of the traditional equipment, the majority will be non traditional like; sledge hammers, tyres, slosh pipes, kegs, pull up rings, gas masks (ooh yes, just wait and see what we can do with that), ropes etc. etc.

I believe you can only create athletes if you push people further than they THINK they can go, keep them working non-stop and keep their bodies guessing as to what comes next or for how long! This is The Rise of Serious Training. Happy Training – Get Smashed!

PS. We’re looking for some more like minded trainers, they are hard to find!

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