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New Website for the Fitness Industry in Australia

Taco Fleur, the co owner of Executive Results and The TOUGH Spot is soon launching a new website for the Fitness Industry in Australia. The website is created to fill a gap in the fitness industry, it is to be a website that really truly cares about the little guys who try and make it in the fitness industry, those that provide a personalized service, those that provide different services, those that revolutionize the industry with new ideas, those that need a place like this…

His own experience

Taco Fleur who has over 16 years online and offline marketing experience, and also the CEO of said:

“When we opened our gym in West End Brisbane ‘The TOUGH Spot’ we poured our heart and soul into the place, we had great expectations for our opening day, we worked so hard for opening day, to make it the best it can be for the people coming.”

“We had a unique day planned, full of fun filled challenges, information, demo’s, prizes and much more. The marketing we did was several months of facebook advertising, building up a following, flyers distribution, press releases, online advertising, email campaigns etc.”

“Some of the challenges I faced were; no one was interested in picking up on the PR no matter how interesting it was, or how professional it was written. And ‘no’ paying $300 to release the PR through a PR Website does not guarantee it’s picked up either, in fact I tried this more than once with several different businesses, several different authors etc.”

“Even though the story was great ‘3 Month Weight Loss Challenge’ etc. the radio stations weren’t interested because they already had huge advertisers like Fitness First, Goodlife onboard and did not want to upset them.”

“Local websites that you would expect to promote local events ‘like the opening of your new business’, would not list the event because it wasn’t classed as an event.”

“No one wanted to give access to their mailing list, not even for money, most didn’t even reply to requests, even though I know they do sell space on their mail outs.”

“The fact of the matter is, if you don’t have money (lots of it) to throw at it and already being connected in the right place, you are not going to get the attention for your event no matter what you do.”

“Besides the experience with our opening, we also came across other problems with advertising our Caveman Training programs for example; ‘it’s not accredited’, ‘we can’t promote it’, ‘we never heard of it’, ‘too dangerous’ and so on. I was fed up with being told what can be done and what can’t be done. “

Some of the solutions the new website will offer are

–          Low cost advertising to a targeted market, i.e. those interested in fitness

–          Promoting your events

–          Promoting your services

–          Mail outs

–          Provide help through online discussions, for example; how to promote your new business

–          Promote workshops and certifications

–          Find host facilities for your workshops and certifications

–          Find a job in the fitness industry

–          Post your job openings

–          Find businesses in the health industry

–          Find a personal trainer

–          Find a boot camp

–          Free web based email

–          Online Personal Trainer profiles

–          Promote your articles, become recognized in the industry

–          Generate leads

–          A place for fitness related journalists to pick up on a story

Besides the new Fitness Industry Australia website, Taco Fleur is also about to launch other sites like “Boot Camps in Australia” which allows you to find a boot camp throughout Australia, “Personal Trainer Hong Kong” which is devoted to promoting personal trainers in Hong Kong.

Owner of Fitness Industry Australia – here to help

Taco Fleur

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