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Co Q10 (150mg)

This is an amazing product, when you feel your just not getting  your best out of your workouts COQ10 will. Benefits; Endurance, stamina, COQ10 also helps assist with blood circulation, healthy cellular energy production and vigour.

  1. 25/06/2008 at 2:35 am

    Wow, great item!! I have done some research of my own on “CoEnzyme Q10” as my hubby has been looking at starting on cholesterol-lowering meds and was really surprised when research indicated that cholesterol lowering drugs my husband wants to take can actually decrease the body’s supply of Coq10. These, “statins” as the drugs are termed act to inhibit the enzymes that are involved in cholesterol production, which takes place in the liver. Gee whiz, how great is that  Then I read on that they also inhibit the production of Coq10 in the process! So the problem with Coq10 and statins is that while these drugs can help decrease cholesterol in the body, they are also depleting the important Coq10 my hubby needs.

    On the other side of the coin his health is important and so I dug around online and found a site that offers Coq10 at some great prices. I figure if he can take the prescription statins and then offset it with affordable Coq10 we are square  Found them at this site called Puritan.com (weird name!) and they have some great deals here http://www.puritan.com/coenzyme-q-10-055 like buy one get two free and they are way better than my local retailer had, plus with free shipping I save a ton on gas!. So now that we are all educated we can relish in the fact that there are simple ways to work around some of the supposed drawbacks of cholesterol drugs.

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